Sources of Funding – Part 2

Last month, I briefly introduced the two main categories of funding a startup business may access. They are either debt or equity. While an entrepreneur’s first impulse is to seek a loan from a financial institution, the reality is that banks will not touch a startup until they have been in business for about

Cash Management: Should I be worried about it?

Walking out of a networking meeting recently, one of the participants came over and asked quietly if she could talk to me for a minute. I shared earlier in the meeting what my company did and I concluded that something I said had peaked her interest. We moved over to a

Business Plan: Planning to Succeed!

With several banker friends on my contact list, I was talking with one of them one day who shared with me this story. He indicated that the executives of a growing startup company went to his office to discuss financing to fuel their unexpected growth spurt. After the pleasantries were exchanged, they got down to […]

Sources of Funding – Part 1

You have a viable product idea and successfully developed your business plan; now it is time to find financing to bring your product into existence and to market. Congratulations on your achievement so far, now the bad news: every entrepreneur needs money and getting it is quite a challenge especially if