We work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and nonprofit founders wanting to make better business decisions.

How can we help you?

We pride ourselves with providing you with unparalleled customer service and performance that exceeds expectations.  We are committed to providing you with unbiased advice and prudent strategies to start, run, and grow your business or nonprofit organization.


Our professional services are tailored to your specific needs.  We are here to help you succeed by supporting your management team with innovative solutions driving sustainable growth and change.


We will assist you obtain timely, relevant, and reliable information you need to plan strategically,  manage risks, operate efficiently, and continuously monitor the achievement of your organization’s goals.


About Us

D.L. Hulse Consulting, LLC (DLHC), is a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Advisory Services company, based in Gainesville, FL, that specializes in outsourced CFO and Controller advisory services for small and medium-sized businesses around the globe.

In response to our clients’ requests, DLHC began offering bookkeeping in 2017 and tax preparation in 2018.

We provide professional services to all entrepreneurs, small business owners, and nonprofit founders who need higher level administrative, finance, accounting, or operational expertise and support on a part-time or project basis. Whether it is a couple hours a week, a day a month, or a special project, contact us to discuss your specific needs.

“We had a better understanding of our financial situation.  We were able to make better decisions to improve our overall results.  We put a plan in place to reduce our cost and improve profits.”

“Quality recordkeeping… Educate and mentor me on vital taxable information and keeping us compliant.”

“Sincerely, peace of mind.  I feel confidence and calm about the accounting status of my company and on top of that receive advices that make me know that Mr. Hulse has interest in the activities and decisions I take.  Not just an excellent accountant and business advisor but a good person, very patient and responsible.”

“Our church needed someone to help us get our financial affairs in order.  I have confidence in knowing that when I submit our church’s financial information to Dwight, it will be handled in a professional and timely manner.”

“I am finally taking the time to look at my financials, budgeting, and making adjustments based on my findings.”

CFO Advisory Services for overcoming today’s business challenges

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