Our Story

As with most enterprises, DLHC was borne out of necessity. While working with several small business owners (SBO), Two recurring themes kept surfacing:
- SBOs want a deeper relationship with their CPA. They want communication and guidance from them throughout the year, not just at tax time, and
- They want simple tools and resources on how to effectively run their business.

This necessity created an opportunity to serve an unmet need in our community, and out of that DLHC was created. Having prior experience at Andersen Business Consulting, our founder decided to leverage that knowledge to start a business that focused on accompanying SBOs along the entrepreneurial journey.

The focus was not to sell products and services, but to get a good understanding of where the SBOs wanted to go, and help them remove the barriers and obstacles preventing them from achieving their business goals.

  • VISION“To provide you (i.e. entrepreneurs and small business owners) with clarity and peace of mind to make better business decisions.”
  • MISSION“To help you (i.e. entrepreneurs and small business owners) plan, run, and grow™ your business.”
  • VALUESTransparency – we have no hidden agendas and will make available all the information necessary for collaboration, cooperation, and decision-making.
    Communication - we promote frequent and open dialogue to avoid surprises.
    Clarity – we say in clear, unambiguous words or terms the ideas we want to transmit.
    Trustworthy – we rely on you to do what you say you will do, as we practice the same principle.
    Integrity – we adhere to strong moral principles, high ethical standards, and take personal responsibility for our actions.
    Quality – we do it right the first time.
    Value – we provide you fair value for your investment in our services.
    Learn – we are constantly improving our services.
    Resilient – we keep ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually strong to recover quickly on difficult days.
    Feedback – we like to hear from our clients regularly to know how we are doing and ways we can better serve you.
  • Why Choose Us?- We ask better questions, to get better answers in finding better solutions together.
    - You will obtain clarity and peace of mind to make better business decisions.
  • Hiring us will provide you with:- Access to higher level financial talent at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.
    - Valuable insights from a different point of view.
    - Advice on improving profits, financial controls, and processes.
    - A sounding board to vet your ideas.
    - More time to spend on sales and business development.
    - Peace of mind knowing your books are in good hands.
    - A trusted partner to accompany you along the entrepreneurial journey.