We understand that you are working hard to grow your business, and allocating your budget appropriately is crucial. Our goal is to provide you a fair value for your investment in our services.

Our engagements or projects are billed hourly or fixed price to accommodate your budget and scope.


For projects where the deliverable is undeterminable, we bill on an hourly basis. Alternatively, clients can choose to pay as they go at our standard hourly rate.

For companies with $0 to $5M annual gross revenues or investment, our Pay-As-You-Grow pricing schedule puts us within your budget.


A fixed price or package is available for most projects with a defined deliverable. We can provide you with an estimate for most of the common services we offer.


Engagements require a signed engagement agreement and a deposit before we begin work on a client’s project.

Pricing Philosophy

Our pricing is based upon the complexity of the work to be performed, our professional time, other professionals engaged, plus out-of-pocket expenses. Additionally, the pricing is dependent on the availability, quality, and completeness of your records plus the availability of your management and staff to respond to us timely. Your responsibility will be to deliver all data and documents requested by our staff to complete your engagement on a timely basis. Additional fee(s) will be added for rush orders, making copies, and extensions.

Inquire today to learn more about our pricing model or to get a personalized estimate.